6 weeks of Guest Teachers @ MY studio

As most of you know Steven will be spending approximately 4 – 6 weeks in Vancouver on a healing retreat. I will be living in Vancouver during this time and have arranged for wonderful substitute teachers from our community to cover classes for this term and the beginning of next term.

Your Options are:

A)   Discontinue classes while I am away & start again when I return in May. Missing the first month of classes in the spring term would mean you resume classes the week of Monday May 6th. Your spot will be held for you upon receiving your cheques for May and June dated the 1st of each month. If at any time you choose to cancel registration with two weeks notice you will receive a full refund and your cheques will be destroyed. If you are uncomfortable attending the classes with substitute teachers I would be happy to refund or credit you any of these classes. Please register with either myself or one of the subs with the understanding that you will start classes when I return.

B)   Continue on with your normal classes or change them to better suit you in the upcoming term. Bringing three post dated cheques for April, May and June 1st before the end of the month. I will discount classes for the 6 weeks I am away by 25%, which will be taken off your June cheque.



*Discount for students continuing with full term.  Checks will looks as follows:

One class per week = April-May $65… June price $40
Two classes per week = April-May $105… June price $65
Three classes per week  = April-May $130… June price $81
Four classes per week  = April-May $150… June price  $94

Chelsey is stepping in as studio manager while I am away, should you have any questions or concerns with classes, cheques, registration or missed classes please do not hesitate to contact her @ 250-213-9874.  As always I will be available via email with any of your concerns 🙂

The Teaching schedule will look like:

Monday 5:30  – Tessa Rae 778 977 4321
Monday 7        – Tessa Rae
Tuesday 12    – Tessa Rae
Wednesday 5:30 –  Chelsey  250 213 9874
Wednesday 7 – Dez 250 532 0556
Thursday 2 – Lara 250 858 3854
Thursday 5:30 – Christina 250 818 0780


Missed Classes and Make-ups

As for missed classes it is going to be a free for all for 6 weeks….
But I am sure it will all work out 🙂

  1. use the black studio calendar as much as possible
  2. text the appropriate teacher if you cant make their class or wish to do a make up in their class.

Additional classes being taught @ MY Studio that you are welcome to attend as make ups… please contact the teachers via text to sign up.

Tuesday with Chelsey 5:30 pm
Fridays with Dez 6pm
Sundays with Krista 5 – 6:15pm   250 896 8737
Sundays with Tessa 6:30 pm till April then class will be taught by Lara

Workshop/Teacher Training adjustments include:

March 16th & 17th Canceled
April 6th & 7th Canceled
*To be rescheduled for June.

Thank you for your patients and continued support at this time.


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