A Vision Worth Backing : Deenabandu Children’s Home & School

I can’t express how wonderful it is to be a small part of such a functioning vision. I can’t even imagine how Deenabandhu founder Mr. Jayadev manages to get so much done in so few years… He truly does what he puts his mind to, and then some. Back in 2007 when Energy 4 Orphans raised the initial $12,000 to get the home for girls built, we had no idea that additional donors coming forward would turn the small project into a $150,000 environmentally conscious facility !!!

All I can say is WOW!

How far Deenabandhu has come in the past six years since my last visit. The amount of work that has been done is outstanding:

– new green home for girls

– almost triple the number of young girls living on site

– two new class rooms in the school

– new guest house

– new textile training centre (opening soon)

– new computer training centre

– an international volunteer program

The children are happy, healthy, clean, well fed and most importantly LOVED. There are 31 girls and 32 boys living on site with roughly 10 children per “house mother” and you can truly feel the love between them. The older children help with the younger ones just as it should be in any family. The children are supported through college or trade training of their choice until they are financially independent. Each child is truly recognized for their own special talents and taught how they can contribute to society and reach independence through developing their skills. The on site school which educates 250 local children is cutting edge and functions as a training centre for teachers in the surrounding areas. Local children are not only taught academics but also basic life skills to help them introduce healthy choices into their family dynamic. Local children who excel are eligible for collage scholarships and trade training regardless of caste, religion or background.

When I founded Energy 4 Orphans back in 2005 my motivation was to support such visionaries and true Karma Yogis such as those found at Deenabandhu. It is fantastic to see that so many other organizations and private families from all over the world pulling together to donate as much as they can to continue finical aid to such an outstanding project. Mr. Jayadev is an expert in tribal lifestyle and is a women’s rights advocate, he tirelessly writes and shares his knowledge freely to educate local women on becoming independent and building confidence to better their future and the future of their children. He is an inspirational and formative figure at Shaktidhama, a Mysore based rehabilitation and development centre for women in need.

Fund raising is a huge part of Mr. Jayadev’s role and he was thrilled to inform me that a private donor has just agreed to fund the entire primary school for the next three years!!! Funding includes all of the kids meals, tuition, clothing, etc!!! Mr. Jayadev told me this frees up his mind, easing his stress and allows him to get on with the work. I am mesmerized by his humility and kindness; as if transforming the small school and residence he started in 1992 for six boys in a rental house into this outstanding facility in under 25 years wasn’t enough work for a life time. I can not wait to see what the future holds for Deenabandhu and it’s children!!!

Mr. Jayadev and I are still considering the best way to invest the remaining $2000 of our Energy 4 Orphans funds. It looks like I will be emptying our reserve account here in India so expect some FUN – D – RAISING in our future. I’ll keep you posted on what we decide to do both spending the money and raising more!

In the mean time there are great ways to get involved !!

Child sponsorship is a great investment at $500 / year you can be guaranteed ALL the money goes to bettering the child’s future. Major bonus being that you can come visit your sponsor child and get to know them or I can help you keep in touch as I plan to continue visits.

Alternatively if you have always dreamed of making a hands on difference volunteering your time here is a fantastic way to share your energy with the most appreciative and loving children I have ever know.  By spending a few months or a year teaching English, Yoga, Art, etc. or just sharing your love with these amazing children you will return home with a lot more than an incredible experience. The more interaction these kids get with the English language and the more confidence they build the brighter their future will be.



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