About Popoya

I first visited Nicaragua in 2005, I was teaching Yoga and loved the country. I toured the Pacific coast, Ometepe and the central cloud forest. I’m so excited to share this beautiful part of the world with you this winter. I’m looking forward to beating Victoria’s dark, wet and cold winter at a renowned tropical Yoga & Surf retreat centre.

About Magnific Rock Retreat Centre

Located in Popoyo, Nicaragua, overlooking Nicaragua’s premier surf break and one of Central America’s top surfing destinations. Perched on a 30 metre cliff face, Magnific Rock offers its guests an unparalleled experience with 270 degree views of Popoyo’s best surf breaks including Popoyo, Outer Reef, Popoyo Rivermouth and Santana’s.

Magnific Rock offers guests the best possible service and amenities that would be expected from any luxurious beach resort while still keeping a personal, fun vibe. We have cultivated friendly, professional and helpful staff to ensure our guests feel welcome and comfortable.


  • Fully serviced bar and restaurant with free wifi
  • Sports bar with latest sport events broadcasted
  • 42” plasma TV
  • Large selection of surf boards & paddle boards for rent
  • Chill-out area with hammocks
  • Laundry service
  • Secondary bar and discotheque
  • Outdoor shower

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua enjoys an average temperature of 27°C (80°F) year round. Humidity averages 65%. There are two seasons, green and dry. The green season is from mid-May to mid-November, the dry season from late-November to early-May. Rain during the green season is normally limited to short and powerful bursts with longer showers at night. The hottest time of year is at the end of the dry season, from March to May, while the coolest period is from October to January.



Surfing is what you do in Popoyo, and there is little wonder why. With some of the most perfect, uncrowded and diverse range of surf breaks, Popoyo has your surfing covered no matter what level you’re at.

Magnific Rock is centrally located to all of Popoyo’s most well known surf breaks. We’re only a 10 minute walk along the beach to Popoyo Main Break and Popoyo Outer Reef, a world-class heavy, heaving wall not for the faint hearted.

Magnific Rock also overlooks two less known surf breaks, literally 1 minute from our bar. Coined Magnific left and Magnific Right, these breaks catch some amazing waves, perfect for long boards and beginners, with the right-hand break offering up some decent faces and the occasional barrel for the more experienced surfer. The best thing about these breaks is the lack of crowds, expect to be surfing alone or with a mate!

A 20 minute walk along the beach will take you to Santana’s, a fast, hollow beach break which catches almost every swell. Best of all, every surf break can be clearly viewed from the restaurant, so you can keep a close eye on the waves and choose when you want to go surfing.

Popoyo’s main break is a world-class A-frame with clean, long lefts and snappy rights. When the swell is firing (and that’s almost every day), you can expect consistent, quality waves, made all that more consistent with the all day offshore winds due to the Lake Nicaragua effect.

This break is best on mid tides, and optimal on the incoming tide. Popoyo is a rocky bottom so be weary of the rocks, especially during low tide where many fin plugs have been ripped out of boards as people come skidding in to shore. During the lower tides Popoyo can get fairly sucky, but this presents the opportunity for some time in the green room with some left barrels on offer when larger swells roll up.

Popoyo holds anything from 2 foot – 10 foot, and when it’s pushing the higher end of the spectrum, bring your A game as this is a wave not to be messed with. Though if you have the huevos, you can always consider a dash out to Popoyo’s outer reef!

Santana’s is a leisurly 20 minute walk along the beach from Magnific Rock. Located out the front of Rancho Santana’s, this heaving beach break offers some of the most consistent beach break barrels in the area.

You can only reach Santana’s by foot, unless you’re staying at Rancho Santana’s. Don’t let this deter you, as it’s just as quick, and more enjoyable to walk along the stretch of beach. The main peak is located just to the right of the rivermouth. Santana’s consists of 3 sand banks which work best on a low to mid tide coming in and a westerly swell. A frames are on offer but the right is preferred by most for its perfectly peeling barrels. Take your line and enjoy the speedy ride!

Santana’s works on a 3-4 foot swell and holds some hefty 8 foot spitting pits. Crowds can get heavy here as it’s located directly outside the large Rancho Santana’s resort. This mixed in with some incredibly capable locals, you’ll need to be in some form to gain respect and waves at this break. But don’t let any of that deter you, with three banks, Santana’s can hold a good amount of people and it’s a wave worth waiting for!


Things to do in Popoyo:

  • Surfing Lessons & Paddle boarding lessons
  • Fishing Charters
    Popoyo is a very active fishing zone with a huge range of fish ready for a fight from the keen angler. You can expect to catch a range of game fish including Snapper, Swordfish, Mackeral and a huge range of others. Magnific Rock can organize your charter with all equipment included.
  • Hot Springs
    Big day of yoga & surfing? What better way to unwind from a day in the sun and surf than to bath all the aching muscles in a natural hot spring. A natually rejuvenating experience, the hot springs offer that little bit of extra relaxation in a holiday where getting back to one’s self is the goal.
  • Snorkelling
    Keen for some underwater adventures? Directly on our doorstep is Magnific Rock, a long rocky ledge, home to the local lobsters and turtles, along with eels and schools of sting rays.
  • Golf
    Not into Yoga? Swells down? Then what about a game of golf on the superb 18 hole Iguana Beach Club golf course? When the surf is down, there are always a myriad of ways to pass the time until the next swell hits, and this golf course will offer you the perfect way to enjoy the passing of a day in paradise. With an impecably well maintained course and equipment for hire, there is no need to feel guilty about relaxing on a hammock, there is always something physical to do in Popoyo.
  • San Juan del Sur
    San Juan Del Sur is a tourist hotspot only 1 hour from Popoyo by car. With a healthy dose of bars and restaurants, as well as hipster totting backpackers, San Juan is a great place to get your party on for a night. Magnific Rock can offer transportation to and from San Juan Del Sur.
  • Turtle Reserve
    Punta Teonoste has a Sea Turtle Conservation Nursery, watch sea turtles lay their eggs under the full moon at Playa Teonoste. These eggs are protected so that the sea turtles now endangered can repopulate. Turtle reserve tours can be arranged at Magnific Rock.
  • Horseback Riding
    With so many miles of beach stretching on either side of Magnific Rock, horse riding seems like the most appropriate way of viewing the coastline. For a romantic gallop on a honeymoon or a fun paced stride with a group of friends, horse riding along Popoyo’s beaches is a definite highlight and a must do whilst in Popoyo.

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