Apprenticeship Program

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”
– Anaïs Nin


Who is the teacher apprenticeship program for?

  • Students who have taken a teacher training program but don’t feel they have the confidence, skills or understanding to teach.
  • Students who think about taking a teacher training program but aren’t sure yet.
  • Students wishing to dedicate some time and energy into their Yoga practice, physical and mental health.
What is required during the program:
  • To attend a minimum of 2 group classes per week.
  • Attend all 15 workshops for 2018 -2019
  • A home practice of 3 times per week.
  • An open heart and mind, ready to work hard and learn lots!

What is suggested for best results:

  • Attending one retreat this season Yoga camp link &/ or Merida retreat link
  • Complete 1-2 supervises cleanses during the duration of the apprenticeship
  • To take advantage of the discounted privates individually or in conjunction with other apprentices.
What you can expect:
  • To physically and mentally feel better, stronger and healthier
  • To create or improve your home practice
  • Learn skills required to improve or start your Yoga business
  • Deepen your understand of Yoga and its 9 limbs
  • Create a community with like-minded individuals
  • A discounted rate on privates $75/hr
  • For Michelle to reward your own personal effort with her effort towards helping you reach your goals.
  • Hours accumulate can be put toward your Yoga Teacher certification.
Applied to the program by:
A. Why do you practice yoga
B. How many years and how often do you practice?
C. What style of Yoga do you practice?
D. Why do you want to apprentice with her, what do you wish to learn or create?

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Chair Yoga Apprenticeship

Michelle is Victoria’s leading Yoga Therapist, with over 2500 hours of experience teaching Chair Yoga at seniors centers and hospitals in Victoria. We hope to greatly expand Canada’s Chair Yoga program and are interested in training a wave of appropriate Chair Yoga teachers. Teaching people in need is not only hugely beneficial to those people, but is a wonderful investment in your own personal Yoga journey.

Requirements for Chair Yoga Apprenticeship

Learning how to teach seniors and people in need can be very challenging, but is always very rewarding. The yoga part of the training is not very physically challenging, but learning to accommodate different physical and mental challenges can be hard to grasp. Depending on your level of experience practicing and teaching Yoga, a Chair Yoga apprenticeship can last from as short as a week to a couple of months. The program is generally finished when the apprentice is comfortable running their own Chair Yoga program.

There are many opportunities for regular work in this field, and it can be extremely rewarding!