“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing,

there is a field; I’ll meet you there.”



Michelle Rubin was introduced to Yoga in the early 80’s to alleviate insomnia she has experienced from infancy. This introduction to Yoga Nidra Meditation not only helped Michelle finally get a good night sleep but it opened the door to a life long study of Yoga and therapeutic movement. 

By the age of 13, Michelle was introduced to Asana (yoga exercises) as a source of therapy for knee injuries caused from years of downhill ski racing, rugby, running and broomball. From the age of 17 Michelle began to explore the world and it was during one of these trips in Greece when she was 18 that Michelle was introduced to a regular Pranayama practice to control her Asthma. Michelle’s teaching began organically on beaches and parks along the way as she was often approached during her own practice to teach others.

Michelle teaching focus is to keep people doing what they love pain and injury free at any age whether that be advanced asana, teaching Yoga, marathon running, gardening, playing an instrument or online poker. Using Yoga as a tool to obtain optimum physically, mentally and emotional health through the good times but more importantly during the challenges life presents.

Some areas in which Michelle has experience and expertise include alleviation and elimination of pain, body structural and mobility challenges, poor digestion and constipation, cancer both during and after treatment, fertility challenges, headaches and migraines, depression and anxiety, balancing mental health, eating disorders, concentration and learning difficulties, memory loss, dementia and Alzheimers, asthma and allergies, arthritis and osteoporosis.

Michelle has had the great privilege of studying under many teachers and masters around the world. With thousands of hours of intensive study and training both one on one and in group settings Michelle continues to draw inspiration from Victoria based teachers Elizabeth Peckham (Vinjana Yoga) & Shirley Daventry-French (Iyengar Yoga). Michelle has studied advanced asana with renowned teachers Dharma Mitra in New York City and Lauren Peterson in Malibu.

A foundational source of Michelle’s Yoga education comes from a small school outside of Mysore, Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Science. It was here in 2007 that Michelle completed a 1500 hour, 4 month Intensive Yoga Therapy Program under the direct supervision of Yogacharia Venkatesha and his wife Hema. Michelle and her senior students continue to study Raja Yoga & Vedanta philosophy under Mr & Mrs Venkatesha as often as possible.

In 2015 Michelle was introduced to Nevine Michaan founder of Katonah Yoga® and has been a student of Nevine’s method ever since. Michelle became a certified Katonah Yoga® teacher in Spring of 2019 and continues to return to New York to study as often as she can. Michelle is Vancouver Island’s only certified Katonah Yoga® teacher and her classes are greatly influenced by this system. 

Michelle has taught yoga full time within the Victoria community since 2005, accumulating over 13,000 hours of teaching experience and 5000 hours of Yoga Therapy experience. She has established two successful boutique studios, founded Energy 4 Orphans, record Planet Nidra a full length guided Meditation album, teaches international retreats and hosts and annual Yoga Camp on Cortes Island. Michelle teaches students of all levels and ability’s hosting weekly group classes, monthly workshops, intensive teacher training, apprenticeship-program and privates.

Teaching boutique style, non-drop in yoga allows Michelle to get to know her students and work on individual’s needs to assist students in developing a personal practice specifically designed to rehabilitate body, mind and soul. When she is not standing on her head, Michelle enjoys traveling with her husband Steven, daughter Hudson and son Saul, walking her dogs, skiing, painting, photography, eating, cooking, good wine and music,

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