What is Energy 4 Orphans?

A non-profit organization started in 2005 by Michelle Rubin to raise money for children in need.  It is a community of like minded people who work as a team to bring positive change within our global community.

What are the guidelines E4O uses when choosing recipients for money?

The money always goes to an already established sustainable local organization seeing to the needs of less fortunate children.  A member of E4O researches and visits recipients, listening to their needs and chooses an obtainable goal for Energy 4 Orphans to tackle.   Members must always be welcome back to visit recipients for updates and volunteering purposes.

Why did you start E4O?

During my first year of full time teaching I felt overwhelmed with appreciation for the opportunity to explore my passion and make a living sharing it with others.  Having always been a believer in Karmic balance I was impelled to give back and incorporate a more consistent Karma yoga practice into my life and to set an example to my students.   Being an activist and volunteer at a young age this was an area I had experience, which I knew I could share and teach. Having firsthand experience with corruption within charity organizations I choose with the help of my students to start our own non-profit allowing us to cut out any middle man. This ensured that 100% of funds raised go directly to the children and are not eaten up in administrative fees or unsustainable ideas.

What is Karma Yoga?

The act of giving without expecting or needing anything in return.

What kind of Projects has E4O funded?

Nepal: bought beds and chickens for Sagarmatha orphanage.
India: funded the construction of an eco friendly girls dorm at Denabundu. (ttp://deenabandhutrust.org/)
Uganda: funded the construction of a Birthing Centre in partnership with Shanti Uganda.

How are some of the ways E40 fundraises?

As a group we have had outdoor donation classes in parks, silent auctions, musical events, draws, yogathones, practitioners such as astrologers and massage therapists have donated one day per month where 100% of their revenue goes directly to Energy 4 Orphans. Artist have donated portions of their sales at shows, yoga teachers have donated percentages of workshop earnings and we are constantly coming up with new innovative ways of raising money for this worthy cause.

Why do you feel practicing Karma Yoga this is important for all yogis?

Yoga teaches us to look within and ask ourselves the answers to the questions we have internally as appose to looking to others for guidance.  I feel that through this work our consciousness is opened this opening helps us realize how all people, animals plants and minerals are strongly connected.   Yoga teaches us to take responsibility for out own lives, our own actions and thought that allows us to see how directly our actions affect the world around us.  Yoga encourages us to make a positive imprint on the world around us and it is in this process that great personal healing happens.