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All group classes are located at 202-1600 Bay Street, Victoria, BC.

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Michelle’s teaching style comes from many years of experience as a student, teacher and certified therapist of Yoga. Classes draw from the traditional Eight Limbs of Yoga to include physical poses, breathing, meditation, chanting and individual requests are welcome to help Michelle target specific poses or health concerns where students require help. Classes emphasize proper alignment and breathing to maximize the healing benefits of Yoga, including detoxification and boosted immune system, increased flexibility, balance, and ease of mind. Students can expect a small class size, individual attention and personal growth.

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Yoga Therapy for Body Maintenance: The focus of this class is to keep people doing what they love pain and injury free at any age whether that be advanced asana, teaching Yoga, marathon running, gardening, playing an instrument or online poker. Using Yoga as a tool to obtain optimum physically, mentally and emotional health through the good times but more importantly during the challenges life presents.  FOR ALL LEVELS OF STUDENTS INCLUDING BEGINNERS.

Intermediate /Advanced: For more experiences, students and teachers wishing to go a little deeper into the traditional practice of Yoga and explore advanced asana including backbends and inversions. Students are required to have an understanding of their personal edge, be able to understand and follow verbal instructions to a tee.  A regular home practice or attending multiple group classes is required. OPEN TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE HAD A CONSISTENT PRACTICE FOR A MINIMUM OF 3 YEAR.

“Yoga requires the courage to take responsibility for our own health and wellness and the patience and discipline to see that responsibility through. Classes are structured to facilitate each student in connecting with their true teacher, themselves, and to provide the infrastructure to empower individuals to use yoga as a tool to build a healthier body and more balanced life.”

– Michelle

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Michelle’s Group Class Schedule: One-month registration required. 

All classes are taught in the traditional NO DROP-IN style to ensure students the continuity and familiarity required to get the most out of classes with Michelle. For more information about group class payment and missed classes please read studio policies. 

~ Please feel free to select a start date that works best for you. ~

Monday11:00 – 12:30pmYoga Therapy for
Body Maintenance
Open for registration
12:30 – 1:30 pmIntermediate Plus
*must attend previous class as warm up
Open for registration
Monday6:00 – 7:20pmYoga Therapy for
Body Maintenance
Open for registration
Wednesday5:30 – 6:50pmYoga Therapy for
Body Maintenance
Open for registration
Thursday11:30 – 12:50pmYoga Therapy for
Body Maintenance
Open for registration