Live the life you love…. Yoga nidra can help!

Yoga nidra for healthy manifestation by Michelle Rubin
Enjoy this yoga nidra meditation designed to retrain our subconscious to let go of negative habitual tendencies, thoughts & behavior. This was the first style of yoga I ever practiced. Back in the early 80’s a friend of my moms introduced me to yoga nidra tapes as a remedy to my insomnia. I had suffered from insomnia from infant-hood…. I can still remember my Grandma Tillie’s tales of the one grandchild (me) out of ten that she just couldn’t rock to sleep no matter how long she tried. I have found nidra to be a helpful practice for insomnia as well as mind control. I gave been blesses to live the life I have always dreamed of….. And hold nidra partial responsible for my ability to not allow fear, expectation or negative thoughts to hold me back. Live the life you want to live…. Yoga nidra can help!

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