Studio Policies

Payment Policy 

*New students register for one month (4.3 classes) minimum.

All group classes require an automatic monthly payment to be setup. Secure online registration using your credit card or your banking information for EFT direct deposit,  is easy to setup, and will be automatically billed on the 15th of each month.

Students pay for their first month ( 4-5 class minimum ) of group classes at the time of registration regardless of class start date. The second of month payment will be pro-rated to reflect students who start mid month their first month.

Students can cancel automatic monthly withdrawals before the 15th of the month BEFORE the month they wish to cancel classes.  To do this please follow instructions below.

Group Class changes or Cancellation Policy

Students are welcome to cancel or change their registration with a minimum of 2 weeks notice all group class changes or cancelations must be made BEFORE the 15th of the month previous to the month you wish to stop attending. Please CLICK HERE to cancel or change your group class registration.

EXAMPLE : If you wish to stop attending or change group classes on February 1st you must cancel or change classes by using appropriate link on or before January 14th.

Missing and Making Up classes Policy 


 Missing a Class  

All students are welcome to take a make up class to replace any missed classes when they make their unused class space available to other students by :

A . In advance crossing their name off the class list kept in the studio for the dates they are unable to attend classes.

B.  On the day you are scheduled to attend class, a minimum of two hours before the class time text or email Michelle letting her know you are unable to attend class thus freeing your spot for another student.  ( or 250 818 3531)

Making Up Classes I Miss

All students are welcome to take a make up class to replace any missed classes that were made available to other students by :

A. In advance finding a class with less than available space by checking the studio class list for other student cancelations or taking a space in a class that is not reached capacity studio class list on a day and time that works for you.

B. On the actual day you wish to attend class to do your make up text or email Michelle to let her know you would like to do a make up that day should space be available.  Michelle will respond when and if a class becomes available. Open spaces are filled on a first ask first get basis so feel free to contact Michelle early in the day. ( or 250 818 3531)

~ All students are asked to use the honour system to keep their own tally on missed and made up classes.

~Make up classes can be used in any appropriate level scheduled group class with space taught at the studio.

~Make up classes are only valid while students are enrolled. Once monthly enrolment and payment ends makeup classes are invalid.

~You may use a makeup to bring a friend as a guest to an appropriate level class.

~All make up classes should ideally be taken within the month of missing the class.

~It is individual’s responsibility to use their make up classes.

~If you take a makeup spot and don’t use it you are not eligible for another makeup.

~All make up classes must be used by January 1 of each year.

Workshop, Apprenticeship & Retreat Cancellation Policy

~All retreat and workshop deposits are non-refundable.
~As for cancellations on workshops, apprenticeships or retreats if students cancel with enough notice so we can fill the spot we give a students a 50% credit of the amount paid. This credit can be used on any future classes, retreats or workshops.
~For retreat cancellation due personal or family illness or death can be attain full refunds with appropriate verification.
~ Cancelation of workshops due to illness will be credited with 2 group classes.