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Nine months pregnant

Photos of Michelle while she is nine months pregnant. December, 2014

Teacher Training Class of 2014

Studio photo shoot of the class of 2014 Teacher Training at Victoria Yoga School & Dallas Road.

Solo Studio Shoot

Cortes Yoga Camp 2012

Every year Michelle & Steven host a Yoga Retreat at the Linnaea Farm on Cortes Island. The retreat offers two yoga classes per day, a two hour all levels followed by a two hour intermediate - advanced, amazing food prepared by Marc Levesque, warm ocean and lake swimming, farmers markets, forest hikes, permaculture classes, and more!

Yoga Dorks

Michelle, Tessa and Dezerae practicing yoga in the park wearing their bright outfits.

Victoria Yoga School  ::  Summit Park Photo Shoot

Michelle and her students practicing at Summit Park, a short distance from the studio. Steven Rubin Photography.

Mexico 2011  ::  Yoga Retreat and 500 Hour Teacher Training

Enjoy these memories of 2011\'s Mexico Yoga Retreat and Teacher Training. We spent 2 months in Buena Vista, Baja California Sur, on the Sea of Cortez. Yoga, relaxation, meditation, Sunshine, stand up paddle boarding, kite boarding, dog walks, and AMAZING FOOD! See you next time. Steven Rubin Photography.

Salts Organic Clothing Shoot

In the spring of 2011 I did a photo shoot for a Victoria, BC organic clothing line called Salts. The Salts storefront is located on Lower Johnson, in downtown Victoria. Check them out at: Stephanie Hull Centric Photography

Livity Shoot

Based in Los Angeles, California, Livity was an organic, sustainable garment manufacturer. I was lucky to have had a great relationship with them while they were in business. Livity supported my charity, E40, by donating thousands of dollars worth of merchandise to my annual auction. David Choboter Photography.

Dallas Road Shoot

Dallas Road is like our second home. Daily dog walks, amazing kite boarding, and stunning views. Enjoy these beautiful photos of Michelle\'s practice on the bluffs. Steven Rubin Photography.

Yoga Shoot

Michelle and Stephanie teamed up in 2005 to create Michelle\'s first Yoga Photo Shoot. The photos were originally intended to be used to advertise Michelle\'s beginner classes. Stephanie Hull Centric Photography.


Michelle and her now husband, Steven, showed some of their team Yoga moves off for this photo shoot. David Choboter Photography.

Cortes Island

Michelle and Steven have been spending a lot of time on beautiful Cortes Island over the last few years. Michelle now hosts an annual \'Summer Yoga Camp\' on Cortes. You should definitely consider joining us - it\'s an AMAZING place! Steven Rubin Photography.

Stone Fence Studios

Michelle founded Stone Fence Studios in Fairfield, Victoria, BC, and taught there full time for nearly three years, until moving to MY Studio at 2674 Capital Hts. Victoria, BC. Steven Rubin Photography.