Planet Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation allowing access to our subconscious mind. This type of meditation is designed to allow participants not only the well-being of deep relaxation but also to reinforce good habits and change undesired habits. Yoga Nidra has proven very effective in many areas of health including insomnia, pain management, dealing with loss, goal setting and improving relationships. It has been beneficial in the healing process of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual trauma.

Planet Nidra is a CD recording of three guided meditations in the traditional Yoga Nidra format, led by two masters of their art. Click here to listen to track 1.

Michael Waters 

In Memoriam

Michael Waters passed away peacefully November 20, 2016 after a two year battle with cancer.

Michael grew up in the remote coastal forest of British Columbia. He spent 33 years playing guitar as a spiritual practice before performing publicly. His music is deeply informed by world traditions and in particular by the medicine chanting of the traditional Amazon Basin healing ceremonies. His unique style has been called Acoustic Psychedelic Chill.

Michelle Rubin Michelle Rubin
Began Yoga Nidra at the age of eight to alleviate insomnia which she had experienced since infancy. Not only did it allow her to finally benefit from a good nights sleep, it gave her the courage to live a life of adventure & purpose. She is a Yoga therapist, teacher trainer and studio owner who organises and facilitates international retreats.

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