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It’s so much more than yoga

5.0 rating

You don’t drop in with Michelle. You commit. And like any relationship worth its salt, you’ll never regret it. Way back in the day I used to make fun of yoga. I would stretch a bit after running but that was it. Slowly migrated with the crowds into some trendy yoga to balance out the long runs. Over time, even with the trendies, I noticed a different kind of strength, better wind, endurance.
My first classes with Michelle were at a workshop on Cortez Island 5 years ago. She learns your injuries, your sensitivities and remembers absolutely every detail. Moving through practice one hears her gently remind whoever needs to adapt in that moment. Her attention to detail is as rigorous as it is creative. One is never allowed to feel pain, but you’ll always finish class feeling worked. Her workshops and retreats are legendary. (Cortez, Sicily, Mexico). Classes with Michelle are like stealth bomber fitness for body and mind. It’s a quiet and steady discovery. You will feel stronger, sleep better, laugh more. In my first year of a regular practice with Michelle Yoga, I not only strengthened weakness from an old shoulder injury, I became stronger overall with a baseline fitness with extraordinary endurance for hiking, running, cycling. I am easily fitter than I was a decade ago and loving my 60s thanks to Michelle Yoga.

Yoga & Sciatic Nerve

5.0 rating

I have been doing yoga with Michelle for over 10 years and I just simply love her! I have had a sciatic nerve issue for a few years and when it flairs up all I need to do is a Michelle Yoga class & it seriously helps with the pain & provides me with such relief. I am forever grateful as the pain is sometimes debilitating; even more so now that she is having Zoom yoga classes as I have moved away and haven’t been able to go to her classes. Thank you so much Michelle; so much love for you!!

Well done Michelle

5.0 rating

A friend told me Michelle was the most personable on line video instructor he has encountered. I would wholeheartedly agree with his assessment. Her chair yoga series for seniors, has helped me to eliminate my shoulder pain, and I have encouraged several of my friends to utilize this great video workout.

Unique and intelligent

5.0 rating

I have been a yoga instructor for nearly 30 years. Michelle is my favourite hatha yoga teacher. Her classes are always right on, fascinating, and challenging at all levels. I feel every movement is guided perfectly, preparing me to go further into my own practice, balancing what i need to balance and healing where i need to heal. She offers something for everyone. I see how her students (including myself) respond. On top of that, she is a lot of fun. I learn continually from her!

zoom quarantine classes

5.0 rating

I have been steadily taking these classes online since we couldn’t go to class. These classes have been life-saving because of the circumstances but also because they are so restorative. I’ve been practicing hatha yoga for more that 30 years and teaching classes for 15. Michelle’s classes are outstanding and unique, and they seem to cure anything that is not in balance or hurting at the moment! She has a great knowledge of the human body and works with many different techniques, so I find always something that really works for me. And her big heart and wonderful mind feed me with fun metaphors and great messages. Thank you!