Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching the Eight Limbs of Yoga in a Traditional, Safe and Accessible Style


“Live like you are going to die tomorrow, learn like you are going to live forever.” 

– Swami Ramakrishna



The Victoria Yoga School Teacher Training program is designed to facilitate and inspire personal growth and healing. Students will develop an individual understanding of Yoga as a powerful tool for physical and mental health. Experience improvement in your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing through the practice of physical poses, chanting, philosophical study and discussion, Kriyas which cleanse the body, pranayama and breathing exercises, meditation and concentration techniques. Expect a strong focus on individuality, custom alignments and pose adaptations to suit students of all ages and physical abilities, empowering you to cultivate mind-body connection in yourself and eventually your students.

The beauty of this system is its inclusivity, through understanding individuality and encouraging proper awareness, teachers are able to lead a truly multilevel class that challenges and inspires more experienced practitioner while supporting the needs of a novice student. 




Acceptance Criteria:

  • Open to students of yoga for 3 + years who practice a minimum of 3 times per week
  • Students must be open to learning and hard work
  • Honest participation and effort


Duration of Program:

  • February 2019 – February 2020
  • Consists of 6 modules
  • The Winter and Summer modules need to be done in person the rest can be completed online.


Requirements for Katonah Yoga 200 Hour Certificate (as of June 2019)

  • Any students who have completed a minimum of a 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training certification can add any hours accumulated studying with Michelle directly will go towards your 200 hour Katonah Yoga certification
  • Log a minimum of 200 hours with a certified Katonah teacher 
  • To complete your 200 hour Katonah Yoga Teacher certification you must spend 10 hours at the Katonah Yoga center in Bedford Hills, NY
  • Spend 4 hours with Katonah Yoga founder Nevine Michaan 
  • Log all hours honestly and accurately


Requirements for 650 hour Teacher Training Certificate from Victoria Yoga School

  • Students with the desire to attain a 650 hour teaching certificate from Victoria Yoga School must complete all modules (with the exception of Summer module), 
    • It is strongly recommended that online students participate in the Summer module. 
  • Complete a minimum of 3 hours of lead class time per week online or in person with a registered VYS teacher (year total minimum 160 hours)
  • Complete a minimum of 3 hours of Self-practice time per week including Yoga Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation. (year total minimum 160 hours)
  • Complete 12 hours of teaching (averaging 1 hour per month) 
  • Read, watch and listen to all recommended media (roughly 80 hours) 
  • Complete two written assignments one written test.
  • Log all hours honestly and accurately





Spring Module: completed online or in person (total 26 hours) 

  • This module consists of a series of workshops at Michelle’s Yoga Studio, which will be recorded in 4K video and available to all enroled students
  • Includes 4 hours of online anatomy videos  
  • Located at Bay Street Studio in Victoria BC 
  • February 2019 – May 2019
  • Saturdays 9:00–11:30am & 3:00–6:00pm:


February 23 • March 23 • April 13 • May 18




Summer Module: completed in person (total 16 hours) 

  • Attend Michelle’s ‘Yoga Camp’ retreat at Linnaea Farm on Cortes Island
  • Attendance is strongly recommended for students completing Spring and Fall sessions online

August 2 – 6, 2019



Fall Module: completed online or in person (total 31 hours) 

  • This module consists of a series of workshops at Michelle’s Yoga Studio, which will be recorded in 4K video and available to registered students
  • Includes 4 hours of online anatomy videos  
  • Located at Bay Street Studio in Victoria BC 
  • September 2019 – November 2019 
  • Fridays 6:00-8:30pm & Saturdays 9:00am–12:00pm & 3:00–6:00pm:


September 20, 21 • October 18, 19 • November 22, 23


  • You will be notified when registration opens for this module




Winter Module: completed in person (total 170 hours) 

  • Attend Michelle’s Mérida Yoga Intensive in Yucatan, Mexico 
  • 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training intensive


January 26 – February 23, 2020




Guided Class Module: completed online or in person (minimum 160 hours)

  • Participate in a minimum of 3 hours per week of Yoga classes with a registered VYS teacher in person, or through online classes available on Michelle’s YouTube channel
  • Submit logged hours for certification


Self-Practice Module: completed in your own time (minimum of 160 hours)

  • Practice what you are learning for a minimum of 3 hours per week including asanas, kriyas, meditation and pranayama
  • Complete all required media components 
  • Complete two short written assignments within allotted time frame
  • Complete one written test
  • Must purchase all requireds props and materials
  • Log hours honesty and accurately


Teaching Requirement: to be completed in your own time (minimum 12 hours) 

  • This is only a requirement for students wishing to receive certification to teach 
  • Teach a minimum of 1 hour per month
  • Students are expected to acquire a space to teach from and people to teach. VYS faculty are happy to help and support students achieve this, but it is up to you to complete this task



Required Media: to be completed before Winter Module 










Yoga Teacher Training Cost: all prices include taxes


  • Spring Module:  in person $ 300, online $ 100
  • Summer Module – varies based on accommodation choice starting at $230 for 5 days 
  • Fall Module: in person $350, online $100 
  • Winter Module: varies based on accommodation choice starting at $3,400 in a shared room with lunch included Monday – Friday
  • Guided Class Module: price varies depending on number of classes you attend in person
    • $115/mo. for two classes (3 hours) per week with Michelle
    • 100s of online classes available to choose from at no cost
  • Personal Practice Module: students are responsible for the cost of all necessary educational materials and rental of teaching space if they are unable to teach from their own space. Michelle began her teaching career in parks and on beaches. 




Victoria Yoga School has applied to be a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance. If the application submitted meets Yoga Alliance’s standards, students who complete a verified training with this school may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Michelle Rubin is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS). 

The VYS program surpasses the requirements of the vast majority of certifying bodies. Often Yoga Schools offer teacher training programs as money-making opportunities, pumping out Yoga teachers in a weekend or a month, many of these certified teachers are without the understanding or confidence to lead classes or create community.  At Victoria Yoga School we strive to encourage and assist students to develop their own practice and understanding of themselves through Yoga. In our experience, this develops into a desire and skill set to teach. As a result of completing a VYS training, every graduate thus far has chosen to serve their community through teaching Yoga casually or as a full-time profession. 

Once Teaching Certificate is obtained… the journey of learning has only begun. Successful teachers continue studying and practicing with inspiring teachers on a consistent and continual basis, through regular weekly classes, yearly retreats and workshops with senior teachers.  This is the expectation for all graduates who wish to teach within the VYS community. If you are not inspired to learn and practice, we feel it is unethical to charge money for teaching. Being a teacher of Yoga is a huge responsibility, which requires dedication and discipline.