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Yoga Camp FoodThe Linnaea School has a well equipped commercial style kitchen available for use to all Yoga Camp-ers. There is plenty of room to store food, including cabinets, fridge and freezer space for all of us to share.

Manson’s Landing, which is like downtown Cortes Island, is a short drive from Linnaea, and there are two grocery stores there. I do suggest bringing supplies from home if that’s an option, but remember, space is limited in the fridge as we all share it.

Steven will be catering again for the third year after rave reviews about the food at the last two Yoga Camps. My regular students are often tormented in class by the amazing smells wafting into the studio from the kitchen, and lots of us are very excited to have him cooking at Linnaea again this year!
There will be a theme of fresh & local ingredients, paired with some of BC’s best wines. This year all meals are vegetarian, except for eggs in the brunch buffets.

Yoga Camp Cortes 2015 Menu

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