YTT 2019-20 Fall Module Outline

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Fall Module Outline


Month 3
Month 2 Top Ten Cleansing Tips
To Chant or Not To Chant?
Ten Top Tips For New Teachers?
Yoga as a Catalyst for Personal Evolution
The Yamas and Niyamas in Healing an Injury
Awareness of Expectations
Prana – What is it, why do we need it, and how do we get it?
Lessons Learnt Through History
Month 1 How to Be a Yogi


Month 3
Month 2
a. make a playlist of all the chants on the chant sheet and listen to it.
Month 1 GabbyBernstien on Healing Trauma and Spritual Freedom

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Week 1Tensegrity Series
Arm Stabilizers
– zombie, superman,
martini, airplane, 1/2 T
& #11
-Sun Salute
3 x / week
sun salute
– Pigeon
– Yoga Nidra
every week
moving forward
– as often as possible.

Week 2Arm Lines
Mogal Muncher
-Sun Salute
3 x / week
– Brain washer
– Box poses
– Warrior 3
– wall folds

Week 3Cobra
Bikers Medicine
-Sun Salute
3 x / week
– Treats for Traps
– seated alternate
leg lifts
– seated alternate
leg lifts circles

-Legs up the wall
with core
– your option of
Week 4Standing Poses 1
-warior 2
-side angle
– standing intense
leg stretches
-Sun Salute
3 x / week
– Tree
– Dancer
-Happy baby
– shoulderstand


Month 3 Write an essay reflecting on: share if comfortable on forum.
This past year you have taken part in a program designed to set boundaries and implementing a schedule designed to help you obtain your goal of becoming or a more dedicaded practisioner or teacher of Yoga.
1. how did you react to the boundries ? how did these reactions make you feel?
did you :
-create time and space for them – appreciate them – forget them – belittle them- make fun of them – regaurd them as unimportant – have to be reminded of them – justify them – appoligise for not meeting them – disuss them – create a story about them – prioritise and schedule for them ?
2. how did you react to the schedule? how did these reactions make you feel?
– use the above point to help reflect.
3. were these reactions to boundries and a schedule real, true or nessesary?
4. were these reactions helpful in reaching your goal?
5. what are healthy boundries?
6. did you in any way project your boundries, lack of boundries or opinions of boundries on another?
7. if you were to give yourself a grade on your ablity to respect the boundreies and the schedule you set for your self what would it be? don’t share this part.

Reflect on : and make a written plan and share it on forum if your comfortable doing so.
1. is there a correlation to the above information in other aspects or relationships in your life?
2. moving forward do you want to implement some of what you have learnt about yourself into the most important relationships and aspects of your life?
3. what changes would you choose to impliment?
4. how would you priortise the change/s to make it obtainable and sustainable moving forward?

Month 2 Write an Essay answering :
1. why do you practice Yoga?
2. has that reason changed from the first time you practiced?
3. why do you want to be a Yoga teacher?
4. why do you think Yoga teaches and mentors are important?
Think about :
1. what have you learned about yourself this past year?
2. what are you going to choose to do with that information?
3. did you do your best without being obsessed?
4. are you closer to or have you found your purpose?

Month 1 Pick a Chant
provide on a printed piece of paper
a. translation
b. interpritation
c. picture of deity if applicable
post link to video of chant on YTT forum.


Month 3 – 1 hour of Yoga / week
– 10 min nidra /week
– at least 3 chants if your coming to Mexico… you will be happy you did it.
Translations :
Lisa – Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur
Nicole – Mere Guru Dev by Krishna Das
Whynoah – Gayatri mantra
provide on a printed piece of paper and post on forum by January 6th
a. translation
b. interpritation
c. picture of deity if applicable ( not on forum )
d. post link to video of chant on YTT forum.
Month 2 – your chant… even if it is to your roommate’s cat &
minimum of 30 min per week of asana
Month 1 – minimum of 15 min / week