YTT 2019-20

Spring Module Outline

Read :

Month 3Part Three: Yoga and Health – TREE OF YOGA by BKS Iyengar
Month 2Part One: Yoga and Life – TREE OF YOGA by BKS Iyengar
Month 1How To Be a Yogi – Swami Abhedananda – chapter 8

Listen :

Month 31. 7 Steps to a Bulletproof Life with Chris Lee
2. Anneke Lukas – Abuse of Power
Month 2

1. The Evolution Of Yoga Teacher Training
2. Change Your Life In 5 Seconds
Month 1 It’s All In The Breathing



Week 1• 3 Part Breath
• Neutral Pelvis
• Child’s Pose
• Basic Core Series
• Bridge Pose
• Creeper Pose
Intense Leg stretch

Dragon Lunge Series ( Hip series 2)
#4 pose / thread the needle
Kapalabhati 20 rounds 3xs / week

Week 2• Hip Series 1
• Easy Seated
• Corpse Pose
• Butt Kicker
• Seated Twists
/ Forward Folds
• Camel Pose
Joint Stability Series
Seated Forward Fold
Kapalabhati 30 rounds 3xs / week only increase # if appropriate

Week 3• Simple Back Bends
• Squats
• Seated Twists
• Thoracic Park Series
• Sleepy Cow Core
• Virasana
Table Top – Cat / Cow series
Down Dog

Kapalabhati 40 rounds 3xs / week only increase # if appropriate
Week 4• Allergy Series
• Cobbler’s Pose
• Legs up the Wall
• Wall Shoulder Stands
• Fish Pose
• Twisty Twist Series
Inversion Prep Series
Crow / Side crow
Kapalabhati 50 rounds 3xs / week
only increase # if appropriate

Share :

Month 3Can you share a time when you shifted your perspective of an aversion? Has something you had an aversion too ever shifted so much that you became attached to it or vise-versa? What do you think caused that change? Was it an external or internal source which caused your shift in perspective? What does that teach you about aversion and attachment? How do you think your aversions and attachments effect your happiness? Share some of your thoughts on this topic with your Yoga friends on Yoga Chat.
Month 2 Observe your attachments and aversions in day-to-day situations. How do they affect your happiness, attitude, and interactions with others? Are they real? Are they really real? Do they matter? Are you able to use this observation to shift your perspective? Can you let them go? If so what was the result? Share your findings with your Yoga friends on Yoga Chat. Michelle shares her reflections on aversion and attachment at the beginning of the Second workshop Gateway to Back Bends.
Month 1
Using the Media Forum, share any videos, articles or podcasts you come across relating to the topics.

Teach :

Month 3Asana from month 1 & 2- minimum of 15 min / week
Month 2Asana from month 1 – minimum 15 min / week
Month 13 Part Breath – minimum 15 min / week